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This is where we tell you about how fit is a state of mind, not body. See the confidence the right fit can bring.

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super skinny

Discover our most snug, smooth and comfortable fit. Tight from waist to ankle, it gives you room to bring out your grandiose personality.

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super skinny FIT


Our refined, Super Skinny meets the technical innovation of JoggJeans material. The comfortable, high-stretch fabric allows you total freedom of movement

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super skinny FIT


Combines the look of denim with ultra-comfort JoggJean fabric. Ergonomic paneling contours the silhouette to allow effortless movement. Minimal detailing creates a cool, sporty look.

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super skinny FIT

Flixee Ankle

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super skinny FIT

Skinzee Jogg

This ultra-sleek Super Skinny is constructed from our innovative JoggJean fabric which means effortless movement and shape-holding recovery.

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Skinny fits from around your body like a comforting hug, an incredibly sexy-looking comforting hug.

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skinny FIT

grupee jogg

This low-waist Skinny is taken to the next level with our technical JoggJean denim. It's streamlined but the ultra-stretch fabric allows free movement.

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Comfortable on the hips and straight from knee to calf, bringing the unassuming bit of structure you would never admit you need in your life.

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straight FIT

rizzo jogg

Our low-waist, regular Straight leg comes in our ingenious JoggJeans fabric. This high-stretch fabric keeps the authentic denim look but adds total freedom of movement.

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Feminine, edgy and relaxed, this fit brings an energy so attractive, you would think you just had really good jeans.

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boyfriend FIT

fayza jogg

Distinct by design, with a slouchy waist and engineered panel construction that curve around the leg. A beautiful example of how cool our boyfriends are.

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boyfriend FIT

krailey jogg

This laid-back Boyfriend comes in our high-stretch JoggJean fabric. Constructed with low crotch and drawstring waist and tapered from the knee to the ankle.

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  • straight
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