We went backstage with DJ ESCO in Las Vegas, to talk about his
personal success and rocking out on stage in JoggJeans.

How Do You Feel When Putting on Our JoggJeans?

"I feel like a rockstar when I put these pants on. It almost feels like you're in a sweat pant, they're that comfortable.I don’t feel like I’m gonna bust through my pants!"

Tell Us About Your Dating Process?

"You know what I do date often, It's not normal. I have a chef so she can have a dope meal and we will not have to go out. 98% get declined, I have a screening process like milk, only 2% make it through the process!"

Tell Us How a Date Goes Bad?

"The girls usually mess up the date like...It's usually her friend. You can't get rid of her, they may have come together, but then they have a meeting and they both come. That turns a bad date into a good one!"

Not every date goes great, that's why we've created JoggJeans. Looks like classic denim, feels like sweatpants. Denim made to escape bad dates.
Even at top speed.

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