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My Promotions

Find all the details on the active promotions on products and services in My Promotions.
Many Promotions are available for registered users only. Login or register before checking this area to discover the special promotions we have activated exclusively for you!

Wish List

See something you love and want to remember it or share it?

Registered users can save and share their favorite products in the Wish List. You can view the Product Page of the items saved in your Wish List at any time, or add them directly to your shopping cart.
To save a new item, select the color and size on the Product Page and click on the heart icon to add to your wish list. Please remember that adding a product to the Wish List does not mean you have reserved it: other customers may purchase the same product before you.

Your Wish List is also a great way to tell others about the items you want.

If your birthday or a holiday is coming up, send someone a link to your list as a hint! Or, share it on Facebook or Twitter to send the message to friends and family. We make it easy for you to create a public wish list allowing others to search for your items once it has been made public. To enable this feature simply click Make This List Public.
Your wish list can be sent directly to someone with a personalized note by clicking "Send My List To A Friend".

Address Book

Save all of your shipping addresses in My Account for a faster check out.
By logging in to My Account before concluding your order, you can select addresses saved in your Address Book directly in the checkout process, making your purchases even easier.
You can modify your addresses at any time and also choose a primary address, which will automatically appear in your shopping cart during checkout.

My Orders

As a registered user, you can find all of your order history within the Order Information area.
You can view the details of every order and return.

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